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Today, we’re the largest independent bank headquartered in Southern California, with more than 120 locations throughout the US and Asia. With the same focus on building financial and cultural bridges, we help mainstream commercial clients connect to new opportunities and continue to expand our global network to meet our customers’ diverse financial needs in both the East and West.

CAMP was founded by family, and that's just what we are today. Our team is passionate about multifamily construction and our network of clients. Renovations and rebuilds can have long timelines, so our entire workforce makes you feel right at home while ensuring we meet all of your needs along the way. At CAMP, we believe quality work, attention to detail, perseverance, and customer service are at the core of every successful project. 


CCIM Houston/Gulf Coast  |  1321 Antoine Drive  |  Houston, TX 77055

Ginger Coleman  |  
Executive Director  |  Phone: 713-783-0297  |  e-mail: ginger@amchouston.com

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