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Commercial Real Estate’s Global
Standard for Professional Achievement


Forecast Competition

  • This committee shall be responsible for the creation, speaker recruitment, execution, and management of the Forecast Competition.

Designation Promotion

  • This committee shall be responsible for all social programs and networking performed by the Houston Chapter.  It is suggested that these events include at least one of the following elements: an educational component, networking component and be beneficial to the membership body.  We would like to build on the success of past events by hosting more annual events that are recognizable by the CRE community along with the local chapter.

Candidate Guidance

  • This committee shall be responsible for working with the local candidates on their path to the designation.  They will be responsible for interviewing / submitting the recommendation letter required to the Institute for each candidate sitting for the exam. This person(s) shall also coordinate a portfolio seminar a minimum of twice a year at two of the CI courses.


    • This committee shall oversee the chapter Partners Program.  The committee shall be responsible for overseeing the process of maintaining and attaining chapter partners to help support the local chapter.  Overseeing the incentives plan for those partners, and acting as a partner liaison, organizing partner initiatives and staying in communication with the partners through the year. 

      The Partners committee will also be responsible for arranging a happy hour or an appreciate event annually, (with the help of the social committee) and will act as a direct contact event for all partners with the members. 


    • This committee shall be responsible for the collection, review, interview and recommendation of Chapter/National members for the scholarships available.  This position will help in the promotion and dissemination of information regarding these scholarships to our chapter members and will communicate all necessary information regarding recipients to National. 


    • This committee shall be responsible for the growth and retention for the CCIM Houston Gulf Coast Chapters members and will also oversee the reputation and recognition in the local community.  By way of promoting the designation to other professionals, media sources, internally to candidates and associates this committee shall help improve the way CCIM’s are recognized in our community and nationally, through marketing and public relations related to the chapter. 


    • This committee shall oversee the chapter lunches, to ensure that appropriate speakers are chosen, confirmed and present for all chapter lunches or other events where speakers are needed.  This committee will also ensure that proper communication is made between the guest speakers and will accompany the guests at our luncheons.


    • This committee shall be responsible for executing a mentoring program and assigning mentors to new chapter candidates for guidance through CCIM membership and the designation process. 


    • This committee shall be responsible for helping the chapter to promote and manage the education classes offered by Houston Chapter which are the back bone of the chapter offerings.  Not only will the committee assist in marketing the classes to brokerage firms, commercial membership organizations, fellow CRE group, they will also be tasked with finding ways to partner with these organizations and create mutually beneficial alliances in order to increase enrollment and awareness of the classes offered. 
    • They will also be responsible for having at least one member of the committee attend the happy hour day during the class.  Finally, the committee shall report back to the Board regarding class size, profits and any other issues.

    Technology/Social Media

    • The Technology/Social Media Committee  ensures that the CCIM's technology programs support the  objectives and strategies, and provide for appropriate data security and data privacy. The committee also oversees the website and social media accounts.

    University Alliance

    • The focus of this committee is to grow relationships within universities, creating a trust and understanding of CCIM, and to promote the interested students within our Membership.   This committee shall be responsible for helping the chapter to promote and manage the University relationships offered by the Houston/ Gulf Coast Chapter.  The committee members will assist in working with the Universities (Rice, Texas A&M, and University of Houston) to setup and maintain Fast Track Programs and work with scholarships and designation promotion amongst the graduate students.

    Signature Event

    • This committee shall be responsible for two annual events. Currently the annual Golf Tournament and possibly the Energy conference to come back from 2019. The Energy Conference will work with the other CCIM chapters in Region 4 to the event. It is suggested that the event build upon the success of past events. This committee will be responsible for creating, organizing, and helping to publicize the event, however it shall NOT execute any contracts in the name of CCIM and the event must receive approval from the Executive Team prior to execution. The Golf Tournament planning shall consist of choosing a suitable date, venue and time for the event. The committee shall also be responsible for helping secure sponsors for the tournament.

    Young Professional

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    Ginger Coleman  |  
    Executive Director  |  Phone: 713-783-0297  |  e-mail: ginger@amchouston.com

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